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FLOW-3D HYDRO‘s unique strengths in modeling 3D free-surface flows make it a natural platform for advanced water and environmental applications. The software has been used for decades by industry professionals to predict complex flow dynamics, flow/structure interactions, and environmental fate and transport. Applications of FLOW-3D HYDRO include municipal hydraulics, river planning and restoration, dam safety, hydroelectric and spillway operations, design and optimization, reservoir maintenance and planning, ports, coastal and estuary engineering.

FLOW-3D HYDRO includes additional powerful and robust physics models including sediment scour and transport, density stratification and mixing, bubbles and cavitation, evaporation and phase change, chemical fate and transport, and porous media. The robust 3-D flow modeling and physics packages let FLOW-3D HYDRO bring accurate and effective simulation to industry even in the most challenging contexts: two examples are mapping detailed 3D hydraulic zones of influence and predicting wave height in non-Newtonian mine tailing ponds. FLOW-3D HYDRO‘s versatility allows users to smoothly navigate from one application to the next, and offers unparalleled accuracy and ease-of-use for the most complex problems.

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The accuracy and robustness of the sharp-interface tracking VOF methods in FLOW-3D have been enhanced by combing them with fluid particles. The new particle species, called VOF particles, are used in place of the VOF function to track small fluid ligaments and droplets in the computational domain, achieving better conservation of fluid volume and momentum.

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