FLOW-3D CLOUD is a cloud computing service that allows you to expand your available software and hardware resources to thousands of computational cores. FLOW-3D CLOUD is conveniently installed on Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) and you can either host your own license on POD or pay per use for peak times in your design and analysis cycle. Designed for running extremely large simulations, parametric studies or design of experiments (DOE), FLOW-3D CLOUD lets you expand your simulation capabilities without worrying about acquiring and maintaining a cluster. 

High Performance Computing Benchmarks

Simulation runtimes are dependent on the size, complexity and physical models used for a given simulation. The ideal case, lid-driven cavity flow shows scaling up to 2560 cores while all the other real-world applications scale up to 640 cores. Significantly, a 24 hour simulation can potentially be reduced to 45 minutes (lid-driven cavity) using FLOW-3D CLOUD.

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