FLOW-3D and FLOW-3D CAST seamlessly transition from desktop workstation solutions to high-performance on-demand cloud computing to cater to the industry’s most demanding simulations.

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FLOW-3D CLOUD is a cloud computing service that allows you to expand your available software and hardware resources to thousands of computational cores. FLOW-3D CLOUD is conveniently installed on Penguin Computing on Demand (POD) and you can either host your own FLOW-3D/MP license on POD or pay per use for peak times in your design and analysis cycle. Designed for running extremely large simulations, parametric studies or design of experiments (DOE), FLOW-3D CLOUD will let you expand your simulation capabilities without having to worry about acquiring and maintaining a cluster. Contact us at hpc@flow3d.com to schedule a one-on-one demo.

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Performance Benchmarks

Simulation runtimes are dependent on the size, complexity and physical models used for a given simulation. The ideal case, lid-driven cavity flow shows scaling up to 1216 cores while all the other real-world simulations scale up to 608 cores. Significantly, a 24 hr simulation can potentially be reduced to 46 min (lid-driven cavity) using FLOW-3D CLOUD.

40x performance increase lid-driven HPC benchmark
8x performance increase hydraulics HPC benchmark
4x performance increase metal casting HPC benchmark
8x performance increase microfluidics HPC benchmark

Why Move to FLOW-3D CLOUD?

Significantly Reduce Runtimes

Our benchmarked cloud solution lets you meet project deadlines with significantly-reduced runtimes.

1000s of CPU Cores at Your Fingertips

Run either a few large simulations or many smaller ones simultaneously with the most current technology.

Pay-Per-Use or Host Your Own License

Choose the solution that’s best for your workflow, budget or project deadline.

Access a Large License Pool

Bypass software installation, licensing configurations and go straight to work.

Seamless User Collaboration

Collaborate with your team members, around the world, on travel, or within the office, through a state-of-the-art remote desktop.

Bypass Hardware Maintenance and Issues

Access the most advanced hardware without the cost and maintenance of owning your own cluster.

Cloud Hardware and Remote Work Management

Deploying and managing effective high-performance computing (HPC) environments can be daunting and expensive (2). Rapidly changing hardware, administration duties, performance and capacity are issues that HPC solutions need to contend with regularly. Penguin Computing offers an industry-leading cloud-based solution that delivers outstanding usability, performance, security and cost effectiveness through their POD platform. POD allows users to utilize a bare-metal HPC environment in the cloud without having to invest in on-premise infrastructure while providing top-notch security for users’ data. The bare-metal hardware provided by Penguin Computing includes the latest processors and InfiniBand interconnect, making it an ideal platform for FLOW-3D. In addition to the state-of-the-art hardware, Penguin Computing offers a 3D-accelerated remote desktop solution called Scyld Cloud Workstation (SCW) which provides true multi-user desktop collaboration for cloud-based desktops. SCW provides secure, easy remote access to Linux workstation-class desktops through standard modern web browsers while eliminating the need for client-side installations. SCW offers significant time savings by removing the requirement to download large data files, and moving pre- and post-processing to the cloud for highly efficient workflow (3). The SCW platform also provides access to the compute resources hosted by POD.

FLOW-3D Integration on POD

The HPC version hosted on POD SCW has shown scaling of up to hundreds of cores for real-world simulations. Flow Science has developed a robust graphical user interface (GUI) for FLOW-3D that enables the seamless usage of POD cloud resources from the SCW platform. With an emphasis on usability, and retaining all the features of FLOW-3D’s desktop version, the FLOW-3D POD GUI allows users to submit and monitor simulations by accessing the POD job submission queue system. Post-processing through the GUI and FlowSight can be accomplished in real time with the desktop version with little or no noticeable delays in graphics processing.

Cost Considerations

Using FLOW-3D on POD and through SCW can be accomplished in two ways:

  • Pay-per-use – Ideally suited for users with short-term consulting needs, project overflows, and peak times during design cycles or preliminary feasibility studies. In this licensing mode, users have access to potentially unlimited FLOW-3D licenses and thousands of cores.
  • Prepaid licensing – Users can host their prepaid FLOW-3D licenses on POD and pay for hardware usage. Note that in this mode users will be limited to the number of license instances and cores purchased as part of the prepaid licensing.
POD hardware pricing summary
The various hardware components of FLOW-3D CLOUD and the charges associated with each of them (2).

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