visualization & analysis
for all FLOW-3D products

Optimal presentation
and reporting of
CFD results

Superior analysis
capabilities within an
intuitive interface

Visualize, analyze
and communicate
your results

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An advanced postprocessing tool, FLOW-3D POST delivers sophisticated visualization and analysis for all FLOW-3D products. Powered by the ParaView engine, FLOW-3D POST provides modelers with superior analysis capabilities within an intuitive postprocessing interface. Arbitrary 2D clips along spline pathways, 3D clips and transparencies, volume rendering, advanced data time series plotting and calculators, and streamlines and vector plots are just some of the amazing tools available to users. Combined with a rich feature set of viewport layouts and dynamic object visualization tools, FLOW-3D POST allows engineers to optimize their CFD results for both analysis and presentation needs. ParaView users will appreciate that FLOW-3D POST retains ParaView’s advanced features, while new users will enjoy the simplicity of the user interface and immediate, intuitive success with postprocessing tasks.

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FLOW-3D POST Advanced Features

  • Built-in Filters
  • Cell Filtering
  • Plot Views
  • Advanced Animation Options
  • Spreadsheet Views
  • HPC Support
  • Python Calculator
  • Comparison Views
  • Ray Tracing
  • Volume Rendering
  • Python and Batch Automation

Here, FLOW-3D is used to simulate drop impingement on a fibrous bed, looking at the propagation of the fluid front as it relates to surface tension, contact angle, and viscosity.


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