Simulation Video Gallery

Simulation Gallery

Explore the many possibilities of what can be modeled with the FLOW-3D product family in our simulation video gallery.

FLOW-3D Simulation Gallery

FLOW-3D provides a complete and versatile CFD simulation platform for engineers investigating the dynamic behavior of liquids and gas in a wide range of industrial applications and physical processes. FLOW-3D focuses on free surface and multi-phase applications, serving a broad range of industries including microfluidics, bio-medical devices, water civil infrastructure, aerospace, consumer products, additive manufacturing, inkjet printing, laser welding, automotive, offshore, energy and automotive.

FLOW-3D Playlist

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Here, FLOW-3D is used to simulate drop impingement on a fibrous bed, looking at the propagation of the fluid front as it relates to surface tension, contact angle, and viscosity.

Additive Manufacturing Simulation Gallery

FLOW-3D AM simulates and analyzes additive manufacturing processes such as laser powder bed fusion, binder jetting, and direct energy deposition. FLOW-3D AM’s multiphysics capabilities offer highly-accurate simulations of powder spreading and compaction, melt pool dynamics, porosity formation for L-PBF and DED, and resin penetration and spreading for binder jetting processes, for analysis and optimization of process parameters. 

FLOW-3D AM Playlist

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This example demonstrates FLOW-3D‘s capabilities to simulate a material extrusion AM process. In this simulation, the material is approximated as a highly viscous fluid with constant material properties. Four layers with rectangular filling are printed and the deformations of already deposited material under the newly extruded strands can be observed. The example is post-processed with FLOW-3D POST.

Laser Welding Simulation Gallery

FLOW-3D WELD provides powerful insights into laser welding processes to achieve process optimization. With better process control it is possible to minimize porosity, heat affected zones and control microstructure evolution. To accurately simulate laser welding processes, FLOW-3D WELD features laser heat sources, laser-material interaction, fluid flow, heat transfer, surface tension, solidification, multiple laser reflections and phase change.

Water & Environmental Simulation Gallery

FLOW-3D has many applications for the hydraulics industry, including modeling fish passages, dam breaks, spillways, avalanches, hydroelectric power and other water and environmental engineering challenges. Engineers can increase the capacity of existing infrastructure in hydropower plants, develop improved designs for fish passages, intakes that minimize head loss, forebay designs and tailrace flows, and analyze scour and deposition and air entrainment.

Metal Casting Simulation Gallery

FLOW-3D CAST contains extensive and robust physical models specially designed for casting. These special models include algorithms for lost foam casting, non-Newtonian fluids, and die cycling. FLOW-3D CAST’s robust simulation engine and new tools for predicting defects provide insights that will shorten design cycles and reduce cost.

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