Simulation Video Gallery

Explore the many possibilities of what can be modeled with the FLOW-3D product family in our simulation video gallery.


FLOW-3D has many applications for the hydraulics industry, including modeling fish passages, dam breaks, spillways, avalanches, hydroelectric power and other water and environmental engineering challenges. Engineers can increase the capacity of existing infrastructure in hydropower plants, develop improved designs for fish passages, intakes that minimize head loss, forebay designs and tailrace flows, and analyze scour and deposition and air entrainment. Learn more about FLOW-3D‘s comprehensive modeling solutions for the water & environmental industry >


FLOW-3D CAST contains extensive and robust physical models specially designed for casting. These special models include algorithms for lost foam casting, non-Newtonian fluids, and die cycling. FLOW-3D CAST’s robust simulation engine and new tools for predicting defects provide insights that will shorten design cycles and reduce cost. Learn more about the next generation of metal casting simulation software >


FLOW-3D simulates and analyzes additive manufacturing processes such as laser powder bed fusion, binder jetting, and direct energy deposition. FLOW-3D’s multiphysics capabilities offer highly-accurate simulations of powder spreading and compaction, melt pool dynamics, porosity formation for L-PBF and DED, and resin penetration and spreading for binder jetting processes, for analysis and optimization of process parameters. Learn more about FLOW-3D‘s unique modeling approach to accurately simulating additive manufacturing processes >


The design process for microfluidics processes can be very costly, as engineers and scientists design, fabricate, test and then redesign a device in order to optimize its performance. Numerical simulation can provide quantitative analysis and significant insight across such disciplines as electronics, mechanics, chemistry, thermal science and fluid science. Using FLOW-3D as a flow simulation tool can help to substantially reduce the cost of design and production. Learn more about how FLOW-3D accurately captures the multiphysics of micro-, bio- and nano-fluidics >