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FLOW-3D HYDRO is the complete CFD modeling solution for the civil and environmental engineering industry. FLOW-3D HYDRO features a streamlined, water-focused user interface and offers new simulation templates for efficient modeling workflows, as well as expanded training materials geared to the needs of the civil or environmental engineer. Powered by the industry-leading FLOW-3D solver engine, along with new developments for water treatment, mine tailings, multiphase flows and shallow water models, FLOW-3D HYDRO puts exceptional simulation capabilities in the hands of the user.

Committed to user success, FLOW-3D HYDRO comes with high-level support, video tutorials and access to an extensive set of example simulations. We also provide CFD services that include customized training courses, HPC resources and flexible cloud computing options. If you are an existing FLOW-3D user or are interested in adding CFD modeling capabilities to your hydraulic engineering practice, please contact us to explore your implementation options for FLOW-3D HYDRO.  

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The accuracy and robustness of the sharp-interface tracking VOF methods in FLOW-3D have been enhanced by combing them with fluid particles. The new particle species, called VOF particles, are used in place of the VOF function to track small fluid ligaments and droplets in the computational domain, achieving better conservation of fluid volume and momentum.

FLOW-3D HYDRO Customer Spotlight

Surfing the Hydraulic Jump
The AECOM Stream Hydraulics Team

Combining Computational and Physical Modeling to Design the Keeyask Station
By Efrem Teklemariam, Bernie Shumilak, Don Murray, and Graham K. Holder for Manitoba Hydro

Design Tools for Upgrading Underground Infrastructure in a Congested Urban Environment
By Alison Schreiber, NEORSD; Alan Stadler, Wade Trim; Cathy Findley, Wade Trim; and Sam Glovick, Wade Trim

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