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FLOW-3D HYDRO Workshops

Our FLOW-3D HYDRO workshops introduce the FLOW-3D HYDRO software to civil and environmental engineers through a series of guided, hands-on exercises. Introductory workshops let you explore free surface hydraulics modeling for typical dam and weir, municipal conveyance, and river and environmental applications. Hydraulics workshops focus on topics of accuracy, speed, model robustness, and automation using FLOW-3D (x) with the backdrop of the Garrison Dam spillway and flood control structures. Our local workshops, hosted by partnering organizations across the U.S., offer an in-person experience while providing a thorough introduction to CFD for free surface hydraulics. By the end of these workshops, you will have absorbed the FLOW-3D HYDRO user interface, reviewed CFD modeling best practices, and become familiar with the steps of setting up, running and analyzing simulations, and will have learned about advanced modeling topics relevant to your application.

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