Engineers in the energy sector around the world face complex design challenges every day in a wide range of processes for which solutions can be found through computational fluid dynamics. Many of these problems involve free-surface flows for which FLOW-3D is particularly suited to provide highly accurate analysis.


These application areas include:

  • Fuel or cargo sloshing inside containers on the high seas
  • Wave effects on offshore platforms
  • Performance optimization for separation devices undergoing 6 DOF motion
  • Wave energy capture devices

Energy Case Studies

As natural resources continue to dwindle, alternative sources and methods are explored and current supply is used as effectively as possible, engineers employ FLOW-3D to research and develop new sources of energy as well as to prevent accidents and to assess environmental impact from mining and other energy harvesting techniques.

 By combining debris transport testing with CFD modeling, the debris loads that the ECCS strainers must be able to withstand can be significantly reduced from the overly conservative values that must otherwise be assumed. CFD has also proved to be valuable in identifying containment pool water level changes, flow patterns in the vicinity of the ECCS strainer to support head loss testing, and plant design modifications.
-Tim Sande & Joe Tezak, Alion Science and Technology