CFD Services

Our CFD Services Division can assist with your FLOW-3D workload through consulting or performing simulations, including access to our HPC products run on supercomputers for quick project turnaround. For existing customers, our service rates are discounted and our HPC rates are discounted when applied to services. CFD Services include:

  • Simulation consultation and analysis
  • Performing simulations on HPC
  • Customized training, online or onsite
  • Custom code development


Expert Simulation Configuration and Detailed Analysis

Our experienced interdisciplinary team provides industry experience and technical expertise to help you achieve optimal solutions in your design and production efforts. We offer cost-effective simulation and analysis, including CAD design, simulation setup, detailed results and reports that provide high quality visual and numerical information for making well-informed design decisions. Along every step of the way, we will maintain close communication with you to ensure your goals are being met within budget and on schedule.

Additional Computational Resources

We can run your simulations using FLOW-3D products on supercomputers for quick project turnaround. You can take advantage of having your simulations run on the latest hardware with the HPC version of our products.

Custom Code

Software Development

For those whose modeling needs exceed the broad capabilities of FLOW-3D, Flow Science offers expert development services. Flow Science has an extensive history of contracting to explore new approaches and developing unique solutions. Code development can vary widely, ranging anywhere from additional physical models, specific fluid properties, custom data generation or a solution to meet a specific need.

Protecting Your Information

We have developed rigorous procedures to protect our customers’ competition-sensitive or proprietary information. If required, a non-disclosure agreement can be established so that data can be shared in confidence.


Web Training

Our web training program is fast, cost-effective and personalized. During an initial complimentary consultation with the client, we determine the recommended number of training hours required and schedule a series of online interactive meetings. Over the course of these meetings, you and your team will learn how to set up, run and analyze results of your simulations. Each session builds on the previous one, and sessions are scheduled to give your team time to absorb information and formulate questions for the next session.

In Person Training

There can be many reasons why a face-to-face meeting is preferred over online training, which is why we offer in-person training, either at your location or our headquarters in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Our classroom can accommodate up to eight students, and laptop computers are provided.

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CFD Services
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