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Learn more about events featuring the FLOW-3D family of products at one of our many workshops, webinars, and conferences online and around the world!

2021 Workshop Events

FLOW-3D Workshops are online, with opportunities around the world tailored to the Water & Environmental, Metal Casting, Microfluidics and Additive Manufacturing industries! Visit our Workshops page to find available dates for your location.

2021 Conference Events

2021 Canadian Dam Association Virtual Conference – Silver Sponsor
October 25-28

A Proud Sponsor

November 11-12
Perth, WA, Australia
Represented by: Flow Science Australasia

Formnext 2021
November 16-19
Frankfurt, Germany


Formnext 2021

China FLOW-3D Users Conference 2021 – Metal Casting Applications
November 2021
Shanghai, China

2022 Conference Events

FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2022 and Advanced Training Sessions
May 16-18, 2022
Munich, Germany

The call for abstracts is now open!

IFAT 2022
May 30-June 3, 2022
Munich, Germany

Represented by Flow Science Deutschland

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