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Water and Environmental Bibliography

The FLOW-3D Bibliography contains an extensive collection of technical publications that contain FLOW-3D results. We have created this resource (thanks to all our users) to help both our customers and those interested in learning more about our software. Explore our topic-specific bibliography pages using the menu above.

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Featured Technical Paper

Biomimicry of natural reef hydrodynamics in an artificial spur and groove reef formation

Emilee Wissmach, Florida Institute of Technology, 2023.

This graduate thesis explored the efficacy of a biomimetic spur-and-groove (SAG) submerged breakwater design in wave attenuation and coastal protection. FLOW-3D HYDRO was used to analyze and optimize the novel module-based design for wave height reduction as well as material costs. Artificial SAG structures could potentially act as shoreline protection in high-energy environments while also helping to rebuild fragile coral reef ecosystems.

FLOW-3D HYDRO was made available through the FLOW-3D Academic Program.

"Coral reef populations have rapidly been declining in coastal waters worldwide. Losing these ecosystems results not only in a loss of habitat and biodiversity, but also a loss of wave attenuation and subsequent coastal protection. Ongoing projects seek to rehabilitate and/or replace destroyed reefs with artificial structures like reef balls and rip-rap, but none perform as well as a healthy, natural reef. This project created scale modules mimicking the reef-crest and spur-and-groove (SAG) zones commonly found in natural reefs and used these models to support new efforts in artificial reef design. [...] 3D renderings of the reef modules were created and imported into the CFD software package FLOW-3D HYDRO, which was used to calculate information on the fluid-structure interaction."

Figure 14 from Wissmach 2023. Simulation image shows wave breaking locations and z-velocity streamlines.
Excerpt and figure from Wissmach, 2023.

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