Water and Environmental Bibliography

The FLOW-3D Bibliography contains an extensive collection of technical publications that contain FLOW-3D results. We have created this resource (thanks to all our users) to help both our customers and those interested in learning more about our software to help guide future developments using CFD software. Many of these papers are available for download while others must be purchased through the publisher’s website. Explore the articles using FLOW-3D results in a variety of industries using the menu above.

Have you published a paper with FLOW-3D results that’s not listed here? Please let us know so that we can include a reference to your publication.

Featured Technical Paper

Numerical simulations of tsunami wave generation by submarine landslides: Validation and sensitivity analysis to landslide parameters

Ramtin Sabeti and Mohammad Heidarzadeh (2022), Journal of Waterway, Port, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering. 

FLOW-3D HYDRO was made available through the FLOW-3D Academic Program.

The FLOW-3D HYDRO model validated for the case of a solid-block submarine landslide can be used by engineers and scientists working on tackling landslide tsunami hazards, given the fact that experimental works are generally costly and time-consuming. We add that our model is most valid for the generation phase of landslide-generated waves, and additional studies are required to investigate the propagation and runup of the waves.”

Wave propagation - physical experiment vs FLOW-3D HYDRO simulation. Sabeti and Heidarzadeh, 2022

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