We have an extensive bibliography of technical papers related to FLOW-3D results available for researchers.

Case Studies

Explore case studies provided by our customers & learn about the new ways FLOW-3D is being used to speed up production, modify designs, research new material and create new designs.

CFD 101

If you are new to FLOW-3D or simply want a refresher on the building blocks of fluid dynamics we encourage you to explore CFD-101, a CFD primer written by our founder, Dr. C.W. Hirt.

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are a great way to learn about the many different applications of FLOW-3D from users around the world.

Modeling Capabilities

Contact our sales team to learn more about the powerful physics model that drives the FLOW-3D solver and find out if it can be used to solve your particular problem.


Watch on-demand webinars created by Flow Science engineers to demonstrate FLOW-3D's unique modeling capabilities to simulate various CFD industrial applications.

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