Whether you are new to CFD, have some experience or are a seasoned professional, we have resources for everyone.


For academics and other researchers, we have an extensive bibliography of technical papers that include FLOW-3D results.

Case Studies

The use of FLOW-3D has helped many of our customers find solutions to the problems they face. We invite you to explore the case studies section to learn about the novel ways that our customers have been able to apply FLOW-3D to speed up production, modify designs, research new materials and processes, and create new designs.


For those new to CFD or who want a refresher on the building blocks of fluid dynamics, explore CFD-101, a CFD primer written by our founder, Dr. C.W. Hirt.

Conference Proceedings

Conference proceedings are a great way to learn about the many different uses of FLOW-3D from users around the world.

Modeling Capabilities

Curious about FLOW-3D‘s modeling capabilities? Learn about the powerful physics and numerics that drive the FLOW-3D solver. As always, we recommend that you contact our engineering sales team to see if FLOW-3D can be used to solve your particular problem.


In the webinars section, you can watch on-demand videos of Flow Science engineers demonstrating FLOW-3D‘s unique modeling capabilities to accurately simulate various CFD industrial applications.