Ports and Coastal

Ports & Coastal

Port, coastal and maritime engineering has complex and challenging applications, ranging from major port redevelopment to coastal defenses to environmental analysis. Engineers working in these application areas must solve problems involving highly complex interactions between waves, structures, erosion, air entrainment, and variable density flows. With its advanced water focused models and TruVOF free surface tracking method, FLOW-3D HYDRO provides unique capabilities for analyzing these complex scenarios, allowing engineers to model large amplitude non-linear wave propagation over complex topography and coastal structures. FLOW-3D HYDRO is the ideal tool to analyze the performance of complex wave and structure interaction such as hydrodynamic loading on coastal infrastructure, wave transmission, overtopping, floating structure dynamics, and transport of coastal outfalls.

Ports & Coastal Focused Applications

Coastal structures

Overtopping and wave run up

Wave energy

Breakwaters & wave transmission


Inland waterways

Case Studies

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