Our monthly FLOW-3D HYDRO technical webinars will provide in-depth training for current CFD practitioners, while also offering detailed insights for those contemplating bringing CFD modeling into their engineering practice.

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Upcoming Webinars

The Tailings Model in FLOW-3D HYDRO

December 9, 2021  1pm ET

In this webinar we will explore the capabilities of FLOW-3D HYDRO’s new tailings model. Tailings materials are mine wastes that exhibit highly non-Newtonian behavior with the viscosity depending on shear rate, tailings concentration and particle size. FLOW-3D HYDRO‘s tailings model allows users to simulate the flow of these materials, accounting for this type of complex flow behavior in both 3D and shallow water frameworks. In this webinar we will review model capabilities and setup options for performing these simulations in FLOW-3D HYDRO.

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