Live Series: CFD Modeling, FLOW-3D and Water Infrastructure

Every other Thursday, 1:00pm EST

In this recurring live webinar series, we will discuss  how FLOW-3D is currently being used in water civil infrastructure. We will explain how we model complex free surface problems, with examples from across the industry, and walk you through how to create models using the FLOW-3D interface. We will conclude with an open Q&A session.

Vertical slotted fishway
Velocity profile of a vertical slotted fishway

Modeling Laser Welding with FLOW-3D WELD

Thursday June 11 | 1:00pm EST

Modeling Laser welding with FLOW-3D WELD

FLOW-3D WELD is a powerful, multi-physics simulation software dedicated to modelling the complex phenomena in laser-based processes such as welding, brazing, soldering, cladding, and dissimilar metal joining.

This live webinar will review how FLOW-3D WELD is being used by industry and academic researchers to study laser material interactions at the melt pool scale, how modeling can be used to understand the influence of process parameters on the stability of the melt pool.

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FLOW-3D Bottle Filling Multiphysics