Our monthly FLOW-3D HYDRO technical webinars will provide in-depth training for current CFD practitioners, while also offering detailed insights for those contemplating bringing CFD modeling into their engineering practice.

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Upcoming Webinars

Bell Housing: Gating and Runner Evaluation in FLOW-3D CAST

October 13, 2021  1pm ET

High pressure die casting of an automotive bell housing is a complex process involving evaluation of tool design, turbulent flow dynamics, solidification, thermal stress evaluation and defect resolution. This webinar evaluates a complete aluminum bell housing using FLOW-3D CAST simulation software as a design aid for manufacturing decisions.

Contact tanks & reaction kinetics in FLOW-3D HYDRO

October 14, 2021 1pm ET

In this webinar we will demonstrate FLOW-3D HYDRO’s ability to model chlorine contact basins. We will start with a review of the fundamental capabilities, including how to simulate scalar transport and reaction kinetics. The presentation will also include a discussion of the physics and a review of the model setup for an example chlorine contact basin simulation.

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