FLOW-3D (x) 2023R1

FLOW-3D (x) will dramatically change the way you do CFD, connecting automation, optimization, and batch-processing into your CFD workflow. FLOW-3D (x) lets you graphically and intuitively build automation and optimization workflows as well as connect external nodes like Solidworks, Rhino and Excel to dynamically feed information into your simulation. Whether you are running the design parameter space, interested in design of experiments, or optimizing your geometric parts for best performance, FLOW-3D (x) allows you to construct batch workflows, conduct advanced parametric geometry studies, and combine automation with optimization to quickly meet your design objectives and arrive at an optimal solution.

FLOW-3D (x) 2023R1 Released!

FLOW-3D (x) 2023R1 further streamlines the workflow in our integration, automation, and optimization software, making it easier to perform analyses than ever before.

FLOW-3D (x) Case Studies

FLOW-3D (x) Features


  • Improve product performance by identifying the optimal design parameters.

Workflow Automation

  • Automate typical simulation tasks: Run predefined parameter sets, extract simulation results, and create graphical output.

Simulation Calibration

  • Identify the simulation parameters required to achieve a desired result.

Parameter Sensitivity

  • Determine the sensitivity of a simulation to input parameters.

Python Interoperability

  • Execute Python scripts to provide post-processing and input customization.

Experimental/Lab Results

  • Create response surfaces for existing lab data.

CAD Plugins

  • Interact with parameterized CAD models directly from within FLOW-3D (x).
  • Solidworks, Rhino/Grasshopper, PTC Creo, NX, Spaceclaim, Catia, and Autodesk Inventor.

Distributed Solving

  • Simulations can be run on remote Windows and Linux workstations for maximum efficiency.

Microsoft Excel Plugin

  • Leverage the power of Excel.

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