FLOW-3D is used around the world by organizations ranging in size from Fortune 500 firms to small, family-owned enterprises, in both R&D and production settings, to tackle the most challenging free surface flow simulations in a wide variety of CFD application areas. Follow the links on the right for a sampling of what you can accomplish with FLOW-3D in the major industries we serve.


FLOW-3D is dominant in industries where free-surface modeling is prevalent. In metal casting, tracking the metal front during filling is important in predicting casting defects and the health and precision of the part being cast. In water resource engineering: flow over spillways, dam breaks, flood events, tsunamis, water recovery and sewer systems, it cannot be discounted how important it is to accurately track the water interface. In aerospace, engineers use FLOW-3D to accurately account for sloshing of fuel in tanks of aircrafts and especially, spacecrafts. In additive manufacturingFLOW-3D is one of the only commercially-available CFD software that can model a variety of sophisticated additive manufacturing processes such as powder bed fusion at a detailed level. FLOW-3D is used for laser welding where the dynamics of the melt pool plays a critical role in the consistency and strength of the weld seam. In the automotive industry, FLOW-3D is used for the toughest of problems in transmission and gear modeling as well as cooling and fuel systems. FLOW-3D is popular in modeling consumer products such as filling shampoo and detergent bottles. In microfluidicsFLOW-3D dominates the inkjet printing industry which is now morphing into 3D printing. In biomedical application, whenever a free-surface is present in the problem, FLOW-3D excels in simulating those systems. And FLOW-3D is routinely used for coating applications.

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