FLOW-3D and its family of products are used around the world in both R&D and production settings, to tackle the most challenging CFD problems where free-surface modeling is prevalent. In metal casting, tracking the metal front during filling is important in predicting casting defects and the strength and precision of the cast part. In civil and environmental engineering, it is crucial to accurately track the water interface. In aerospace, engineers account for the sloshing of fuel in aircraft and spacecraft tanks. In additive manufacturing, FLOW-3D models sophisticated AM processes such as powder bed fusion at a detailed level. FLOW-3D is used for laser welding where the dynamics of the melt pool plays a critical role in the consistency and strength of the weld seam. In the automotive industry, FLOW-3D is used for the toughest CFD problems in transmission and gear modeling as well as cooling and fuel systems. FLOW-3D is popular in modeling consumer products such as filling shampoo and detergent bottles. In biomedical applications, whenever a free-surface is present in the problem, FLOW-3D excels in simulating those systems. And FLOW-3D is routinely used for coating applications.

Additive Manufacturing

A cutting-edge research tool, FLOW-3D AM simulates and analyzes additive manufacturing processes such as laser powder bed fusion, binder jetting, and directed energy deposition.


FLOW-3D provides high fidelity modelling for understanding the effects of surface tension, wall adhesion, solute transport, density-driven flows, and phase change.


Free surface hydrodynamics, wave generation, moving objects, mooring lines and welding processes make FLOW-3D an extremely well-suited tool to model CFD processes relevant to the maritime industry.


FLOW-3D provides aerospace engineers valuable insight into fuel stability/acquisition, cryogenic temperature regulation, PMDs, cavitation, and electric charge distribution.

Consumer Products

From toilet flushing to bottle filling to food processing, FLOW-3D is the optimal CFD software for the researching and designing of consumer products for home and office environments.

Metal Casting

With 11 process workspaces, powerful post-processing, pioneering capabilities in filling and solidification and defect analysis, FLOW-3D CAST is the optimal metal casting solution.


FLOW-3D offers solutions to automotive engineers for fuel tank sloshing, underhood thermal management and spray control, early fuel shut-off during fill, degas bottles, fluid resistance of powertrain components, and casting of automotive parts.


Use FLOW-3D to maximize the safety and efficiency of fuel extraction, storage and transport techniques and nuclear energy infrastructure, and develop alternative energy projects such as offshore wind and wave energy.

Micro/Nano/Bio Fluidics

Micro-, bio- and nano-fluidics can be easily and accurately simulated in a virtual laboratory employing FLOW-3D’s free surface and multi-fluid modelling capabilities.


FLOW-3D is a robust simulation tool for biotech research, with an extensive range of capabilities, including free-surface/confined flows, variable density, phase change, moving objects, and mechanical and thermal stress analysis.

Laser Welding

FLOW-3D WELD implements relevant physics such as laser heat sources, laser-material interaction, fluid flow, heat transfer, surface tension, solidification, multiple laser reflections and phase change, allowing researchers to achieve better welding process control.

Water & Environmental

FLOW-3D is used to address a wide range of issues facing the water & environmental industry, from large hydroelectric power projects, low-head dams, municipal wastewater and stormwater infrastructure, and mining tailings storage.


FLOW-3D accurately predicts the detail of severe storm and tsunami wave run-up on coastal structures and is used for flash flood and critical structures flood and damage analysis.

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Here, FLOW-3D is used to simulate drop impingement on a fibrous bed, looking at the propagation of the fluid front as it relates to surface tension, contact angle, and viscosity.

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