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Lost Foam Casting Workspace Highlights

    • State-of-the art foam residue tracking
    • Advanced foam vaporization and metal front turbulence modeling
    • Solidification, porosity and surface defect analysis

Workspace Overview

The Lost Foam Casting Workspace provides lost foam casters with all the tools needed to simulate the filling, solidification and cooling subprocesses. Each subprocess is based on a template design which is tailored to provide a clean, easy-to-use setup interface that speaks the language of the casting process engineer. Since most defects in lost foam castings can be traced back to the filling profile, FLOW-3D CAST’s extraordinary accuracy in simulating metal flow and foam burning provides invaluable insights for producing high quality lost foam castings. Filling defects such as foam residue formation are accurately tracked and located in the final casting.


This simulation is used to identify cold shuts that can develop due to foam residue accumulation near the end of the fill. FLOW-3D CAST‘s lost foam workspace can effectively simulate casting patterns with complex geometries, variable pattern foam densities, and adhesives. Foam residue and wicking behavior can be tracked to inform sound casting design based on accurate defect prediction. Quickly and easily output comparative design cases for expedited design cycles.

Processes modeled

  • Filling
  • Solidification
  • Cooling

Flexible Meshing

  • Structured meshing for fast, easy generation
  • Multi-block meshing for localized accuracy control
  • Foam-conforming meshes for memory optimization

mold modeling

  • Ceramic filters
  • Inserts – standard and porous
  • Air vents
  • Chills
  • Insulating and exothermic sleeves
  • Moving ladles and stoppers

Advanced solidification

  • Chemistry-based solidification
  • Dimensionless Niyama criteria
  • Cooling rates, SDAS, grain size mechanical properties

Filling Accuracy

  • Foam/melt interface tracking
  • Gas/bubble entrapment
  • Automatic melt flow drag calculation in filters

Defect prediction

  • Foam residue defect tracking
  • Cold shuts
  • Porosity prediction
  • Shrinkage
  • Hot spots

Dynamic simulation control

  • Probe-controlled pouring control

Complete analysis package

  • Animations with multi-viewports - 3D, 2D, history plots, volume rendering
  • Porosity analysis tool
  • Side-by-side simulation results comparison
  • Sensors for measuring melt temperature, solid fraction
  • Particle tracers
  • Batch post-processing
  • Report generation

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