Gravity Die Casting Workspace Highlights

    • State-of-the-art die thermal management, dynamic cooling channels, spray cooling, and thermal cycling
    • Ladle pour with dynamic ladle motion based on pouring cup fill condition
    • Advanced flow solutions deliver accurate gas entrapment & gas porosity

Workspace Overview

The Gravity Die Casting Workspace is an intuitive modeling environment designed to help engineers successfully model gravity die casting applications with FLOW-3D CAST. Ladle motion, venting and backpressure are included in the fill analysis for an accurate prediction of air entrapment and porosity defects, while die thermal management and state-of-the-art solidification models seamlessly connect to the fill solution through the workspace’s sub-process architecture. The Gravity Die Casting Workspace provides a complete and accurate solution for all aspects of the simulation in a simple, versatile modeling environment.


Learn about the modeling versatility of FLOW-3D CAST in our latest webinar: Advanced Metal Casting Simulation, which is now available to watch on demand at:
Video courtesy of BMW and Flow Science Deutschland.

Processes modeled

  • Gravity die casting
  • Vacuum die casting

Flexible Meshing

  • FAVOR™ simple mesh generation tool
  • Multi-block meshing
  • Nested meshing

Mold modeling

  • Localized die heating elements and cooling channels
  • Spray cooling of the die surface
  • Ceramic filters
  • Air vents

Advanced solidification

  • Porosity
  • Shrinkage
  • Hot spots
  • Mechanical property
  • Microstructure

Sand Cores

  • Core gas evolution
  • Material definitions for core properties

Die Thermal Management

  • Thermal die cycling
  • Heat saturation
  • Full heat transfer

Ladle Motion

  • 6 degrees of freedom motion definition

Defect prediction

  • Macro and micro porosity
  • Gas porosity
  • Early solidification
  • Oxide formation
  • Surface defect analysis

Vacuum and Venting

  • Interactive probe placement
  • Area and loss coefficient calculator

Macro and Micro Porosity

  • Gas porosity
  • Early solidification
  • Oxide formation
  • Surface defect analysis

Filling Accuracy

  • Gas and bubble entrapment
  • Surface oxide calculation
  • RNG and LES turbulence models
  • Backpressure

Complete analysis package

  • Animations with multi-viewports - 3D, 2D, history plots, volume rendering
  • Porosity analysis tool
  • Side-by-side simulation results comparison
  • Sensors for measuring melt temperature, solid fraction
  • Particle tracers
  • Batch post-processing
  • Report generation

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