FLOW-3D CAST Case Studies

Identifying defects in metal castings, designing parts with new materials for lighter and stronger cast parts or doing iterative design work to come up with an optimal design are some of the ways that our customers use our software to help them meet the requirements of their jobs and save money for their organizations by reducing scrap rate, shortening time to market and staying ahead of the competition.

The more you can do on a computer ahead of time, the better. It all comes down to saving time.
– Elizabeth Ryder of Graham-White Manufacturing Co.

Customer Case Studies


Prediction of Shrinkage Defects During Investment Casting Process

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This article was contributed by Dr. S. Savithri, Senior Principal Scientist at CSIR-NIIST Investment casting process is one of the oldest...

GM Graham White Manufacturing Case Study

Detecting Porosity with the Core Gas Model

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Producing High Quality Castings Foundries must perform a great deal of up-front engineering to ensure...

Littler Die Cast Case Study

Improving High Pressure Die Casting Designs

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The content for this article was contributed by Mark Littler of Littler Diecast Corporation. Littler Diecast Corporation, a producer of high...

Shiloh Case Study

Integration of CFD Analysis into Die-Cast Process Design

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This article was contributed by Alex Reikher, Ph.D., of Shiloh Industries In today’s marketplace, organizations face increasing pressure from both old,...