Sand Core Making Workspace

Sand Core Making Workspace Highlights

  • Granular flow air/sand characterization of sand fill
  • Pressure driven sand non-fill prediction analysis
  • Database includes all permutations of organic (hot and cold box) and inorganic binders for hardening

Workspace Overview

The Sand Core Making Workspace provides users with an easy-to-use tool for modeling the shooting and hardening of sand cores. Users will be able to model the shooting of a wide range of sand and binder combinations to predict how a core box fills, locate regions where inadequate filling occurs, and then place and size air vents to improve filling in those regions. All current core hardening processes can be modeled including cold box, hot box, and inorganic processes. Shooting characteristics such as sand density distribution and air flow can be readily visualized.  


This FLOW-3D CAST simulation of a sand core blowing for a turbo charger housing is used to assess the density of the sand mixture during shooting. For more information about the Sand Core Making Workspace, visit

Processes modeled

  • Cold Box
  • Hot Box
  • Inorganic

Thermal core box modeling

  • Cold Box
  • Hot Box
  • Inorganic

Convective and radiative heat transfer

Multi-block meshing including linked and conforming meshes

Complete analysis package

  • Animations with multi-viewports - 3D, 2D, history plots, volume rendering
  • Porosity analysis tool
  • Side-by-side simulation results comparison
  • Sensors for measuring melt temperature, solid fraction
  • Particle tracers
  • Batch post-processing
  • Report generation

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