Rivers and Environmental

FLOW-3D HYDRO rivers and environmental

Application Overview

FLOW-3D HYDRO can be used as an advanced modeling tool when 3D non-hydrostatic modeling capabilities are necessary to provide a greater degree of accuracy and model resolution. Typical modeling applications are related to small dams/infrastructure, transportation hydraulics, complex 3D river hydraulics, thermally buoyant plumes, outfalls and contaminant transport. A key feature of FLOW-3D HYDRO is a shallow water model that can be dynamically linked with the full 3D model. This capability allows users to extend the model domains for multiscale modeling applications to maximize computational efficiency with required model resolution. FLOW-3D HYDRO also includes additional features and advanced physics specifically geared toward the river and environmental application area.

Rivers & Environmental Focused Applications

Transportation hydraulics

Small dams and diversions

River hydraulics

Sediment transport and deposition

Outfalls effluents

Thermal plumes buoyant flows

Case Studies

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