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Conveyance Infrastructure

Moving water in and around cities offers some of the most exciting and challenging applications for CFD modelers. The hydraulics in these applications offer infinite variations of free surface and pressurized flow conditions, with sometimes extremely turbulent and energetic flows, in which considerations of the air phase, air entrainment and bulking, or grit and sediment movement are equally important. FLOW-3D HYDRO has a long history of delivering extraordinarily accurate representations of the flow, and allows modelers to tap into many advanced modeling features to further capture air phase and grit considerations. FLOW-3D HYDRO provides advanced investigations of conveyance infrastructure, including hydraulic control structures, drop structures, flow splitters, energy dissipators, pump stations, CSOs, sewers and wet tunnel designs. 


Baffle drop shafts transport storm water to underground tunnels for storage and transport. FLOW-3D HYDRO can be used to compare drop shaft design elements such as shaft diameter and baffle spacing, which affect the flow velocity, amount of entrained air entrained, and other flow features. For more information about FLOW-3D HYDRO‘s storm water modeling capabilities, go to

Conveyance Infrastructure Focused Applications

Drop structures

Combined sewer overflows


Flow splitting

Pump stations

Grit removal

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