Water Treatment

Water Treatment

Water and wastewater recovery facilities offer a unique set of modeling challenges. Moving water through a treatment plant includes a mix of flow diversions, flow splitting, free surface and pressurized pipe flow conditions, with head loss and detailed velocity fields all important modeling outcomes. Other process modeling challenges include aeration, hindered settling, chemistry, and impeller motion. FLOW-3D HYDRO‘s advanced auxiliary models allow modelers to go beyond the hydraulics of the flow. Grit removal, chlorine contact tanks, sludge settling and aeration all have their own dedicated models and give the user full flexibility into choosing the level of sophistication of their modeling effort. With its TruVOF capabilities, FLOW-3D HYDRO can seamlessly handle a range of free surface pressurized flow conditions.


This FLOW-3D simulation shows multiple examples of air bubbles injected from the bottom of a fluid reservoir. Due to buoyancy, the bubbles rise to the bottom and as they diffuse into the surrounding fluid, the overall density of the fluid changes. Learn more about FLOW-3D‘s multiphysics capabilities at https://www.flow3d.com/modeling-capabilities/

Water Treatment Focused Applications

Grit removal

Flow splitting


Hydraulic head losses


Activated sludge models

Contact tanks

Case Studies

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