Speakers Announced!

We are very pleased to announce the speakers for the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2022! Users in industry and academia will present their work in metal casting, additive manufacturing, civil and environmental engineering, coastal structures, and maritime engineering. FLOW-3D engineers and associates will present on the latest features, upcoming developments, and future plans of FLOW-3D, and our esteemed keynote speaker Hubert Lang will share the 15-year history of FLOW-3D at BMW.

Company overview and future direction
Dr. Amir Isfahani, CEO, Flow Science

FLOW-3D 2022R2: New Features, advances in accuracy and performance 
Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Chief Technology Officer, Flow Science

Keynote Address: 15 years of FLOW-3D at BMW – from a stand-alone application to an integral part of the development process
Hubert Lang, BMW  

FLOW-3D (x): Expand your simulation experience
Stefano Mascetti, Managing Director, XC Engineering

FLOW-3D AM: New features and planned developments
John Wendelbo, Director of Sales, Flow Science

Postprocessing capabilities with FLOW-3D POST 2022R1
John Wendelbo, Director of Sales, Flow Science

Numerical modeling of chromatography columns
Dr. Julien Bœuf, Roche Diagnostics GmbH

Controlling drop size and drop volume through pulse control
Kaushik Balasubramanian, Kaushiks International

Upcoming developments
Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Chief Technology Officer, Flow Science

Numerical simulation of the casting manufacturing process of a press sleeve used within the press section of a paper machine
Dr. Marcus Britz, J.M. Voith SE & Co. KG

FLOW-3D used to model the solidification behavior of advanced non-ferrous metals
Nadira Surghani, Colorado School of Mines

Use of computational fluid dynamics in the design and comparison of metal casting running systems
C.A. Jones, Cranfield University

Computational fluid dynamics modelling of the dimensional stability of deposited layers in material extrusion additive manufacturing
Md Tusher Mollah, Technical University of Denmark

Cast metal structures improving heat flow in the energy storage systems
Natalia Raźny, Wroclaw University of Science and Technology

Rheological model for semi solid casting
Benjamin Bode, Project Engineering

Runner air entrapment removal: A case study
Dr. Arunvinay Prabakaran, Dietech India Pvt Ltd

A multi-physics CFD study on the part-to-part gap during remote laser welding of copper-to-steel battery tab connectors with beam wobbling
Giovanni Chianese, University of Naples Federico II and University of Warwick

Metal casting roundtable
Moderated by Dr. Michael Barkhudarov and Dr. Amir Isfahani, Flow Science and Dr. Matthias Todte, Flow Science Deutschland

Integrating FLOW-3D HYDRO into a modern 3D-planning workflow
Julien Barbier, FICHTNER Water & Transportation GmbH

FLOW-3D tailings model with hyperconcentrated, non-Newtonian fluid, Brazil case study
Dr. Matthias A. Haselbauer, Winderl Ingenieure and Rodrigo de Almeida L. Barbosa, POTAMOS

Evaluation of hydrodynamic forces on Tainter gates
Prashant Huddar P.E., HPD consultants

Using FLOW-3D for the operational optimization of the run-of-the-river HIDRALPOR’s hydroelectric power plants
Santiago Iopera, MINCIVIL

Intake capacity improvement at Douglas run-of-the-river hydropower plant
Pouyan Ahmadpanah, Innergex Renewable Energy

Numerical and experimental investigation of  streamlined fish-friendly fine screens
Dr. Serhat Kucukali, Hacettepe University

Effect of bed dimensions and flow conditions on the hydrodynamics of a step-pool fishway
Sruthi Thazhathe Kalathil and Venu Chandra, Indian Institute of Technology Madras

Numerical simulations of breaking wave loading on vertical seawalls using FLOW-3D HYDRO and validation
Ramtin Sabeti, Brunel University London

Analysis of the hydrodynamic behavior platform to support wind generators in deep water
Ignacio Berenguer Pérez, HIDTMA,S.L. and Ignacio Cobian Babé, BERIDI,S.L.

Reconstruction and extension of the Méricourt locks: study of the hydraulic operation of the structure
Gwenaël Chevallet, BRL Ingénierie

Numerical and experimental investigation of scour development caused by ship propeller
Cansu Özyaman, Ege University

Use of building and plant information modeling  for an optimized operation management in drinking water treatment
Randy Schäfer, IWW

Simulations for the sewer system of Doha
Dr. Boris Huber, Vienna University of Technology

Thermal plume studies – lessons learned
Jeroen Adema, Arcadis Netherlands

Aerated grit chamber analysis
Dr. Tomas Studnicka, AQUATIS a.s.

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