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We are very pleased to announce the speakers for the FLOW-3D World Users Conference 2023! Applying CFD to amusement park rides, sand dunes and sinking bubbles are just a few of the unique and exciting topics at this year’s users conference. Featuring the latest software developments and industry-specific tracks, FLOW-3D users in industry and academia will present their work in metal casting, additive manufacturing, civil, environmental, coastal, and maritime engineering. Flow Science’s senior technical staff will present the latest features, upcoming developments, and future plans for FLOW-3D.

Development Talks

Dr. Amir Isfahani, Flow Science – FLOW-3D global update and direction

Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science – FLOW-3D products – Development overview

Raul Pirovano, XC Engineering – Automate your workflows with FLOW-3D (x): Expand your simulation experience

Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science – FLOW-3D POST – Faster postprocessing

Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science – FLOW-3D products – A look ahead

General Session Track

Dr. Philippe Georis, Plastic Omnium – Modelling of freezing and thawing of urea aqueous solution for SCR in automotive emission control

Dr. Julien Bœuf, Roche Diagnostics GmbH – Numerical modeling of bead mixing

Dr. Daniel Weiss, FHNW – Sinking bubbles – A numerical analysis

Tim Jacobi, Zamperla – A case study of FLOW-3D with amusement rides

Additive Manufacturing & Laser Welding Track

Dr. Michael Allan, Manufacturing Technology Centre – Modelling and simulation of laser welding technologies using FLOW-3D WELD

Dr. Mohamad Bayat, Technical University of Denmark – Multiphysics simulation of the impact of ringspot Gaussian beam shape on the melt pool conditions during the laser powder bed fusion of stainless steel 316

Mohammad Sattari, University of Twente – Thermo-fluid modeling of influence of attenuated laser beam intensity profile on melt pool behavior in laser-assisted powder-based direct energy deposition

Qamar Hayat, University of Warwick – A multi-physics CFD study on laser beam shapes to control porosity formation during laser beam welding of aluminium 1060

Bart Ettema, University of Twente – Towards thermo-fluid model of melt pool dynamics during laser dispersing of ceramic TiB particles

Dr. Marcin Serdeczny, Flow Science – Laser welding of dissimilar materials – Simulation driven optimization of process parameters

Metal Casting Track

Boris Baldin, Form Stampi – Die erosion: A case study

Albert An, China Machinery Industrial Products Co., Ltd. – Simulation of solidification of gravity sand casting by FLOW-3D CAST

Dr. Matthias Todte, Flow Science Deutschland – Effective and automated postprocessing using Python scripts – Application examples for FLOW-3D CAST

Elias Schläpfer, IdeeRoth AG – Opportunities and challenges in simulating HPDC MegaCasting parts

Christopher Jones, Cranfield University – An exploration of the optimal gating geometry for investment cast, superalloy aerospace turbine blades using FLOW-3D (x) optimization software

Dr. Michael Barkhudarov, Flow Science – Minimizing air entrainment in an HPDC shot sleeve during slow-shot stage

Municipal Water Track

Bassam Aldhafari, San Francisco Department of Public Works Hydraulic Section – Using FLOW-3D HYDRO to improve collection system hydraulic model

Steve Saunders, Ibis Group – Ferric chloride flocculant tracking in wastewater treatment

Jean-Baptiste Monge, PROLOG INGENIERIE – Optimisation of the operation of the buffer tank of the Seine-Valenton wastewater treatment plant

John Wendelbo, Flow Science – Methods for modeling aeration and dissolved oxygen

Markus Grünzner, Flow Science Deutschland – Wastewater vortex drop shaft – 2 fluid modelling with FLOW-3D HYDRO

Hydraulics Water Track

Urs Baeumer, Queensland Department for Transport and Main Roads – Bridge hydraulics – Can we do better? Applied CFD to inform 2D modelling techniques. The Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads’ approach to designing better bridges

Dr. Frank Lan, AECOM – FLOW-3D HYDRO modeling to enhance the design of a combined spillway/high-level outlet works

Ron Berry, GEI – CFD analysis of discharge from fixed-cone valves on proposed outlet work system at a dam

Pierre-Louis Ligier, Sweco – Bottom outlets at hydropower dams: challenges in assessing air demand using CFD modelling

Thomas Viard, EDF – Study of currents and recirculations downstream of an open gated dam

Dr. Tomas Studnicka, AQUATIS – Off stream reservoir inlet structure

Bernard Twaróg, Cracov University of Technology – CFD modeling of the PSH Porąbka Żar with an additional compensation chamber

Thorben Frener, Fichtner Water & Transportation GmbH – Visualization of simulation results in photorealistic 3D models

Dr. Vanessa Martin, EDF – Spatial distribution of pressure along a dam flap gate

Dr. Erik Bollaert, AquaVision Engineering Sàrl – Scour of rock by fluid-solid coupling

Ashkan Pilbala, University of Trento – Investigation of the different models of Elliptical-Lopac Gate performance under submerged Flow conditions

Coastal, Maritime & Environmental Track

Dr. Kate Bradbrook, JBA Consulting – Debris in rivers: How FLOW-3D HYDRO can help with the clean-up

Gwenaël Chevallet, BRL Ingénierie – Study of the vulnerability reduction to extreme floods of the Marne water intake structure of the Marne reservoir lake

Ignacio Berenguer Pérez, HIDTMA – FLOW-3D HYDRO application to marinas

Aurelien Auzias, TECH-AM – Barchan Dunes simulation with FLOW-3D HYDRO

Dr. Serhat Kucukali, Hacettepe University – A numerical investigation of fish-friendly fine screens by porous-media approach

Ramtin Sabeti, Brunel University – Numerical simulations of three dimensional subaerial landslide generated waves: Comparing FLOW-3D HYDRO and OpenFOAM

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