Solving the World’s Toughest CFD Problems

Siphon Spillways

Northwest Hydraulics Consultants has applied CFD modeling in numerous case studies of existing or new spillway designs. The following article demonstrates a sample case study conducted on an existing siphon spillway.

Hydraulic Jump in a Trench Type Pump Sump

Storm water collection schematic

Hydraulic jumps are a flow phenomenon familiar to people working with open channel applications. Wikipedia defines a hydraulic jump as “a condition where open channel flow abruptly transforms from super- to sub-critical.”

Mitigating Total Dissolved Gas at Boundary Dam

Model spillway roughness element

The Boundary Dam is located on the Pend Oreille River in northeastern Washington. The project consists of a 340 ft. high concrete arch dam, seven low level sluiceway outlets, two high level overflow spillways (Spillway 1 and Spillway 2), and an approximately 1,003 MW authorized capacity powerhouse.

Spillway Hydraulics Assessments

Spillway hydraulics assessment

BC Hydro, a public electric utility in British Columbia, uses FLOW-3D to investigate complex hydraulics issues at several existing dams and to assist in the design and optimization of proposed facilities.

Fish Ladder Design

Fish passage simulations

In this study, FLOW-3D played in instrumental role in the design of an innovative fish baffle for use within fish ladders used to regain lost riverine fish habitats

Indianapolis Storm-Water System

IN storm water system

Sewer systems don’t seem very exciting unless they serve as action-movie get-away routes. Most likely you don’t even think about them until torrential rain brings water up to curb-level.

Validation of a 3D Dam Breaking Problem

Free surface heights

A 3D dam breaking with obstacle configuration was chosen as one of our validation cases in order to assess FLOW-3D’s performance for the simulation of free-surface flows.

Grit Chamber Modeling

Bedload and suspended sediment distribution

A continuous input of suspended sediment at the chamber inlet tunnel is being investigated with the help of FLOW-3D for different pumping rates.

Hydrodynamic Screws

Hydrodynamics screws geometry modifications

The use of small-scale hydro power is becoming more interesting as a way to control the increasing costs of energy.

Landslide-Induced Wave Hazard

3d modeling of landslide induced wave hazard

The Moving Objects model in FLOW-3D was used to simulate the landslide and the VOF model was used to simulate wave generation.

Wastewater Treatment Plant

Wastewater treatment plant in bangkok

When Earth Tech designed and built the 4th in a series of 7 large wastewater treatment plants, FLOW-3D was used to optimize the design of critical components in the treatment stream.

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