Advances in Nanotechnology

CFD analysis of stem cell culture

Research in Professor Furlani’s group involves modeling and simulation towards the development of novel processes and devices.

Microscopic Bubbles Switch Fiber-Optic Circuits

Photonic switching platform

Computer simulation played a critical role in understanding and solving a problem with microscopic bubbles in a revolutionary switch used to switch optical signals in fiber-optic circuits.

Inkjet Printhead Performance

Inkjet formations simulations

Simulations enable Océ engineers to quickly evaluate the performance of a wide range of possible designs and zero in on the most promising alternatives into which substantial time and expense required for MEMS prototyping is invested.

Kodak Develops New Printhead Design in 1/3rd the Time

Thermal bubble model

Kodak researchers recognized that to meet the time constraints of the project, they needed both very accurate simulation software and a systematic method of optimizing their design. Using FLOW-3D and D-optimal designed experiments (DOE), Kodak researchers accomplished the task in only three years.

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