Speakers at the FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2019

We are pleased to announce the speakers for the FLOW-3D European Users Conference 2019! As always, our users have outdone themselves with the originality and quality of their submissions. To help you sort through the presentations, we have divided them into four categories: Development, General Session, Metal Casting, and Water & Environmental.

The Development talks by Flow Science engineers discuss our latest release, FLOW-3D v12.0, new developments in additive manufacturing and laser welding applications, and exciting future developments. Our General Session features the greatest diversity of applications and scales, including presentations by Ariane Group GmbH on aerospace applications; automotive fuel system design optimization by Plastic Omnium’s Clean Energy Systems; and microfluidics cell modeling by Roche GmbH. The Metal Casting category features FLOW-3D CAST applications in the foundry and die casting industries, including groundbreaking developments in solidification modeling; automotive casting cooling channel modeling by Federal-Mogul Nuremberg GmbH; and adressing automotive lightweighting challenges by Endurance Overseas. The Water & Environmental presentations showcases municipal water management, energy production, and environmental protection projects from around the world, such as a study of flow velocities in the Pont des Chèvres transfer by EDF; flow performance of sharp crested gates on the Zambezi River by Mott MacDonald; and a feature design optimization of the Nieuwpoort, Belgium storm surge barrier by Arcadis.

It is also worth mentioning that, with the 500th anniversary of the death of Leonardo da Vinci, and in the city in which so many of his most treasured works were created and still remain, there will be two presentations featuring the artist: a casting simulation of the famous ‘Colossal Horse’ statue by the Università di Siena; and a reconstruction of da Vinci’s dam by Protesa s.p.a.

Important Dates

  • May 24: Presentations Due
  • June 3: Advanced Training
  • June 3: Opening Reception
  • June 4: Tour of Milan
  • June 4: Conference Dinner

Tour of Milan!

We invite you to see the sights of Milan! All conference attendees are invited to a complimentary city tour on Tuesday, June 4. The tour will take place after the conference on June 4 from 17:30 –  19:15. Immediately following the tour, we will convene for the conference dinner at Toscanino. Please sign up for the tour when you register for the conference. Thank you to our tour sponsor, Protesa SACMI.

Development Talks

A peek into FLOW-3D future developments
Michael Barkhudarov (Flow Science, Inc.)

FLOW-3D v12.0 – Modernized interface, streamlined workflows and enhanced accuracy
John Wendelbo (Flow Science, Inc.)

New developments for additive manufacturing and laser welding
Raed Marwan (Flow Science Japan)

General Session

Approaches in modeling large-scale granular media flows with FLOW-3D
Donato Rubinetti and Daniel A. Weiss (University of Applied Sciences and Arts Northwestern Switzerland)

Automatic filler pipe design through optimization
Philippe Georis (Plastic Omnium – Clean Energy Systems)

Modeling of a printing head
Shmuel Olek (J-ROM Ltd.)

Modelling of upper stage cold gas reaction control propulsion systems
Francesco De Rose (ArianeGroup GmbH)

Numerical modeling of microfluidics cells
Julien Bœuf (Roche Diagnostics GmbH), Alastair Laing, John Willems, Matt Griebel, and Evan Graves (Roche Tissue Diagnostics), and Alexander Meier (Roche Diagnostics International AG)

Optimizing automotive tank filling simulations with FLOW-3D using DFSS
Francesco Fortunato (FCA)

Predicting phase change in cryogenic tanks during sloshing with CFD
Philipp Behruzi (ArianeGroup GmbH)

The importance of valve dynamics in the lymphangion fluid-dynamic: A CFD investigation 
Nicholas Mattia Marazzi and Giovanna Guidoboni (University of Missouri), Raul Pirovano and Paolo Airoldi (XC Engineering SRL), and Riccardo Sacco (Politecnico di Milano)

Toilet Flushing
Valentina Virgilli and Roberto Saponelli (Protesa S.p.A.)

Metal Casting Track

New frontiers in solidification modeling: FLOW-3D CAST v5.1
Michael Barkhudarov (Flow Science, Inc.)

An integrated approach to study the operating variables affecting the fluidity test of Al foundry alloys
Daniele Caliari and Giulio Timelli (University of Padova), Stefano Mascetti and Raul Pirovano (XC Engineering S.r.l.)

Casting die optimization by mean of IMPROVEit
Daniele Grassivaro (FORM S.r.l.)

A realistic model for exothermic feeders for gravity casting
Malte Leonhard (Flow Science Deutschland GmbH)

Making Leonardo da Vinci’s “Colossal Horse”
Andrea Bernardoni (Università di Siena, Instituto e Museo di Storia della Scienza, Firenze Artes Mechanicae)

Results and validation in simulation of ultrasonic treatment of aluminum A356
Eric Riedel (Otto-von-Guericke-University Magdeburg)

Simulation of fluid dynamics in cooling channels of ICE pistons using the Non-Inertial Reference Frame motion model
Florian Wirth, Patrick Peters, and Alexander Hirsch (Federal Mogul Nuremberg GmbH, A Tenneco Group Company)

Structural analysis of stress and deformation of a large foundry mould for gravity die casting process
Gabriele Taricco (CM Taricco)

The challenge to reduce powertrain components’ weight
Claudio Mus (Endurance Overseas) and Stefano Mascetti (XC Engineering S.r.l.)

Water & Environmental Track

Detection and control of pollutants in wall-bounded flow systems
Nikolaos Katopodes (University of Michigan)

Fish pass on the Revúca River
Magdaléna Vicianová, Jakub Kedrovič, and Miloš Kedrovič (Vodotika, a.s.)

Flow velocities within the Pont des Chèvres transfer work: Comparison between FLOW-3D models and site measurements
Anaïs Faivre, Thomas Pretet, and Julien Vermeulen (EDF-CIH)

Generating performance curves for sharp crested gates on the Zambezi
Gillian Murphy and John Chesterton (Mott MacDonald)

Turbidite forward modelling in FLOW-3D for geological simulations
Chiara Barbieri (Eni Upstream and Technical Services) and Raul Pirovano (XC Engineering S.r.l.)

Numerical modelling of a two-degree-of-freedom Wave Energy Converter: Creation, validation and utilization of the model
Eliseo Marchesi (Politecnico di Milano/Studio Frosio S.r.l.), Marco Negri and Stefano Malavasi (Politecnico di Milano), and Filippo Palo (XC Engineering S.r.l.)

Numerical modeling of air entrainment in an aeration chamber and pipes
Pin-Tzu Su (ATE Energy International)

Numerical investigation of Aşaği Kalekő spillway using FLOW-3D
Mete Köken and İsmail Aydin (Middle East Technical University)

Physical and numerical modelling of flow at tunnel spillway intake
Vincent Gizard (EDF-CIH)

Reconstructing da Vinci’s Dam Valley
Emanuele Andalo and Roberto Saponelli (Protesa S.p.A.), and Stefano Mascetti (XC Engineering, Sr.l.)

Storm surge barrier, Nieuwpoort, Belgium
Jeroen Adema (Arcadis Netherlands)

Study of the outlet structures of the Marne Reservoir
Gwenaël Chevallet and Eric Vuillermet (BRLi)

The Vlachovice Dam – pre-project preparation
Tomas Studnicka and Jan Sehnal (AQUATIS a.s.)

Using FLOW-3D to evaluate mixing performance and hydraulic efficiency in a contact basin
Steve Saunders (Ibis Group)