CFD Services

Custom Development

For those whose modeling needs exceed even the broad capabilities of FLOW-3D, Flow Science offers expert development services. Flow Science has an extensive history of contracting to explore new approaches and developing unique solutions. Such customizations can be cost-shared (where the resulting code becomes part of the general release of FLOW-3D ), or rights to the development remain the exclusive property of the client.

CFD Consulting

Flow Science offers expert CFD consulting services. Flow Science fields an experienced interdisciplinary team that provides both industry experience and simulation skills to achieve optimal solutions for the problems you face in your daily design and production efforts. We offer cost-effective simulation and process analysis. We offer several levels of service, from helping people set up their own problems to complete project consulting services. In every project we take on, we work with you to establish clear goals, realistic costs and schedules, and efficient communications.

Protecting Information

Since competition-sensitive or proprietary information can be involved, we have developed rigorous  procedures to protect our customers.

Request an Initial Consultation

If you want to learn more about our custom development or consulting CFD services, please contact us.

Consulting Partners

We maintain relationships with a number of high-quality CFD consulting firmsPlease contact us using the form above, and we will connect you with an experienced FLOW-3D consulting partner.


United States
PMD Technology
Email: Don Jaekle

Metal Casting

AlchemCast LLC
(iron and aluminum sand casting)
(334) 887-6974
Email: Charles Bates

Bholster Technologies Ltd
(casting simulation, product and process development)
(416) 909-2027
Email: Rabi Bhola

Auspicium Co., Ltd.