Case Studies

Explore how FLOW-3D customers use simulations to speed up production, research new materials and processes, and optimize for ideal design solutions.

Featured Case Study: Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing

Laser additive manufacturing

Water & Environmental Case Studies

Protecting the environment, ensuring the survival of endangered species, providing municipalities with steady streams of energy, and designing for increasingly severe weather events are some of the challenges that our customers help address with the use of FLOW-3D. Whether it’s ensuring dam safety, guiding fish through a spillway, or preparing for a flood event, read about the many applications of FLOW-3D for the water and environmental industry.

It is FLOW-3D‘s inherent simplicity that lends itself to use in real-world problem solving. Rather than spending large amounts of time pre-processing (i.e., setting problems up), users can spend their time applying the results of their work.
-John Richardson, Blue Hill Hydraulics

Microfluidics Case Studies

Challenges, smaller than can be seen by the naked eye, are what our customers using FLOW-3D to model microfluidics applications, face every day. FLOW-3D allows these engineers and scientists to model what they cannot replicate in the laboratory to be able to validate life-saving medical devices, study inkjet formation and in some cases, model the naked eye. Sometimes the smallest problems are the biggest to solve… but FLOW-3D can help.

FLOW-3D has provided excellent qualitative agreement, based on visual observations, as well as good quantitative trend prediction. Just as important, the software accurately predicts design sensitivities. As a result, FLOW-3D has provided valuable insight in support of the advanced research and development activities at Kodak.
Christopher Delametter, Senior Research Scientist, Eastman Kodak Company

Metal Casting Case Studies

Identifying defects in metal castings, designing parts with new materials for lighter and stronger cast parts or doing iterative design work to come up with an optimal design are some of the ways that our customers use our software to help them meet the requirements of their jobs and save money for their organizations by reducing scrap rate, shortening time to market and staying ahead of the competition.

The more you can do on a computer ahead of time, the better. It all comes down to saving time.
– Elizabeth Ryder of Graham-White Manufacturing Co.

Coastal & Maritime Case Studies

Our customers use FLOW-3D for coastal and maritime applications, including protecting fragile coastlines, simulating wave impact on structures, optimizing hull design, and studying ventilation within a ship.

(We) were able to see how the boat was likely to perform in the different types of seas we were likely to come across on our global voyage. We were then able to modify the design to ensure that not only speed, but fuel efficiency and safety were taken into account.
– Pete Bethune, skipper of Earthrace

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