FLOW-3D/MP v11.2

Synced with the latest FLOW-3D v11.2 developments

  • Expanded Particle Model
  • New Dynamic Droplet Model
  • New interactive geometry creation
  • FSI/TSE model enhancements
  • Improved GMRES convergence control
  • Processing geometry improvements
  • Component gap control
  • FlowSight performance optimizations


The physical models and user interface of FLOW-3D/MP v11.2 are based on FLOW-3D v11.2.

Added User Convenience

The MPI tab has been removed in the GUI and most settings have been moved into the Preferences menu. Users can set default settings for all simulations here.


User customizations require Intel® Fortran 16 compiler and Intel® MPI 5.1 library.

Results Analysis

Results can be post-processed using FlowSight, an advanced visualization tool for FLOW-3D based on the industry-leading EnSight® postprocessor. FlowSight offers users new and powerful ways to analyze, visualize, and communicate their simulation data.

What’s Inside

  • Parallelization is based on the hybrid MPI-OpenMP technology.
  • Automatic Decomposition Tool (ADT) is used for domain decomposition. ADT has directional decomposition and works with nested and partially overlapping mesh blocks.
  • Dynamic thread balancing enables load distribution across MPI processes during simulation.
  • Memory management has been optimized in the pre-processor and benefits can be seen especially in large simulations.

Remote Solving

Remote solving capability allows FLOW-3D/MP customers to submit their simulations to a remote cluster using client-server technology. Remote solving allows customers to easily access all of their available hardware resources and manage their simulations in a straightforward and productive way.

NYPA models Niagra project
A large scale modeling study: New York Power Authority used FLOW-3D/MP for their Niagara Hydro Power Project – Modeling and Flow Simulation in order to cut their runtime by a factor of 3.5. Image courtesy NYPA.