FLOW-3D/MP enables modelers to take advantage of high-performance computing clusters to tackle problems featuring large domains or long runtimes, delivering shorter design cycles and an opportunity to do comprehensive parametric studies within design cycles. All this can be achieved while retaining the accuracy offered by FLOW-3D.

FLOW-3D Cloud – HPC Made Easy

The power of FLOW-3D/MP is now available in the cloud. Find out more about about our high performance computing solution – FLOW-3D CLOUD.


  • Developed and optimized for the latest multicore architecture
  • Parallelization based on the Hybrid MPI-OpenMP methodology
  • True Domain Decomposition
  • Automatic Decomposition Tool allows directional decomposition
  • Optimized MPI communication and memory management in the preprocessor
  • Full compatibility with the FLOW-3D v11.2 GUI and FlowSight for postprocessing results
  • The physical models and numerical methods of FLOW-3D/MP v11.2 are based on FLOW-3D v11.2
  • Remote solving capability enabled

FLOW-3D/MP is Intel Cluster ReadyFLOW-3D/MP is certified Cluster Ready, according to the Intel Cluster Ready certification program.

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