Permanent Mold

The difference between permanent molds and sand molds is that permanent molds can be reused. Casting processes that reuse molds include gravity, tilt pour, low pressure die casting, and high pressure die casting. There are two types of permanent molds metal and graphite. The use of the mold type depends on the casting metal. The casting metal used in metal molds include aluminum, copper alloys, zinc, and magnesium. The casting metal used in graphite molds are steel and irons. There is also a semi-permanent mold which uses sand cores for creating the internal cavities. FLOW-3D CAST has the capability to capture casting defects related to filling, solidification, and thermal stresses in the mold, to help design the process correctly the first time, ultimately saving time and money.

Simulation of a low pressure die casting showing the filling temperature of a tire rim.

Customer Examples of Permanent Mold Castings

Permanent mold simulation by Peugeot PSA
Courtesy Peugeot PSA
Early solidification simulation by Littler Diecast
Courtesy Littler Diecast
Courtesy SANDEN Manufacturing
Courtesy SANDEN Manufacturing