Centrifugal Casting

In centrifugal casting, a mold is rotated at high speed while the molten metal is poured into it. The molten metal is thrown radially outwards to the interior of the mold, where it solidifies as it cools. The higher pressure associated with the centripetal acceleration forces pushes the defects towards the rotational axis. FLOW-3D CAST’s non-inertial reference frame model can prescribe this rotation with the ability to modify its speed and the location of defects, producing highly-accurate simulation results.

Centrifugal Casting Examples

Partial filling simulation of a steel impeller centrifugal casting process. The spin is set at 250 rpm. FLOW-3D CAST is used to simulate and show early freezing issue in casting impeller vanes. Courtesy of Simulated Engineering Incorporated.

Centrifugal casting simulations

Centrifugal casting simulations, courtesy Metaltek.