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Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D CAST v4.2

Flow Science has released a new version of FLOW-3D CAST. FLOW-3D CAST v4.2 offers a What You See Is What You Need interface, process-oriented workspaces and a new die spray cooling model.

Flow Science Expands into Latin America

Flow Science, Inc. announced that it has formed a new subsidiary, Flow Science Latin America SAS, to sell and support Flow Science’s suite of computational fluid dynamics software products throughout Central and South America.

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D/MP v6.1

Flow Science has announced the release of FLOW-3D/MP v6.1, the high-performance computing version of its flagship CFD software, FLOW-3D. FLOW-3D/MP is fully synced with the latest developments, including active simulation control, batch post processing and report generation.

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D CAST v4.1

Flow Science announced today that it has released a new version of FLOW-3D CAST , its specialized software for metal casters. FLOW-3D CAST v4.1 features powerful advances in modeling capabilities, accuracy and performance. One of the most exciting new features, Active Simulation Control, gives users the ability to control time-dependent events.

Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D v11.1

Flow Science announced today the release of version 11.1 of FLOW-3D, its flagship CFD software known for robustness and accuracy in solving free-surface flow problems. Key themes of this new release are improving users’ workflow control and automation. Notable and exciting new developments include active simulation control, batch post-processing and report generation.

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