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Sediment Scour Fall 2018

Fall 2018

Featured Articles: Scour Model Improvements | Hydraulic Jump in a Trench Type Pump Sump | What is the Maximum Turbulent Length, Anyway?

FLOW-3D Newsletter Summer 2018

Summer 2018

Featured Articles: Total Dissolved Gas at Boundary Dam | Sludge Settling Model | Getting a Handle on Solver Diagnostics

Droplet coalescence vs. separation

Winter 2018

Featured Articles: Liquid Metal 3D Printing | Immersed Boundary Method | Methods for Identifying Vortices

Heated core box

Fall 2017

Featured Articles: FLOW-3D in Archaeology | Simulation of Sand Core Making Processes | Using and Importing Raster Files

Volumes, Counts and Fluxes in FlowSight

Summer 2017

Featured Articles: Optimization of Magnetic Blood Cleansing Microdevices | New Tools for Casting: Cooling and Feeding System Design | Volumes, Counts and Fluxes in FlowSight

Computational analysis of drop formation and detachment

Spring 2017

Featured Articles: Computational Analysis of Drop Formation and Detachment | Configurable Simulation Monitor | Finding the Line of Action

Modeling Dispersed Solids

Winter 2017

Featured Articles: BC Hydro Assesses Spillway Hydraulics | Cloud Computing with FLOW-3D | Methods for Modeling Dispersed Solids

Dynamic droplet report

Fall 2016

Featured Articles: Prediction of Shrinkage Defects during Investment Casting Process | Dynamic Droplet Model | Setting Up Vacuum in Die Casting Process

Laser Powder Bed Simulation

Summer 2016

Featured Articles: Laser Powder Bed Additive Manufacturing | Die Spray Cooling Model | New FLSGRF Editor

Lagrangian Particle model

Spring 2016

Featured Articles: Lagrangian Particle Model | Lab-on-a-chip | Flow Science Expands into Latin America

Mixing Quality in FlowSight

Winter 2016

Featured Articles: Quantifying Mixing Quality in FlowSight | 35th Anniversary Simulation Contest Winner | FLOW-3D/MP v6.1 Released

Squeeze pin configuration

Fall 2015

Featured Articles: New Squeeze Pin Model | Validation of Sloshing Simulations in Narrow Tanks | Good Mesh Quality Using Simulation Pre-Check

Gravity casting mould

Summer 2015

Featured Articles: Investigation of Mould Leakages in a Gravity Casting | Active Simulation Control | Understanding Sources of Error

Cavitation Model

Spring 2015

Featured Articles: Fish Ladder Design | Cavitation Model | Using Tabular Data for Faster Results

Velocity profile in shot sleeve

Winter 2015

Featured Articles: Increasing Productivity by Reducing Ejection Times | Mooring Lines Model | How to Bin Particles

Hydraulic boundary conditions

Fall 2014

Featured Articles:  Validation of a 3D Dam Breaking Problem | Modeling Hydraulic Boundary Conditions | How to Intialize Metal in a Complex Geometry in FLOW-3D Cast without using an STL File

Tturbulence modeling suite

Summer 2014

Featured Articles: Aerial Landslide Generated Wave Simulations | Turbulence Modeling Suite | Making STL Files from Google Earth Using Sketchup and Cad2Stl