Moisture Drying

FLOW-3D offers a widely applicable moisture drying model. It can simulate the drying process of porous materials such as paper, fabric or sand cores.

The example below demonstrates the applicability in simulating the drying of sand cores. BMW expressed interested in removing water from inorganic sand cores used in their metal casting business. From a physical point of view, the passing of hot air through porous sand to remove water contained in the sand binder is not conceptually different from removing water from wet paper. The figures below show a comparison between simulation and experiment of the moisture remaining in a core after about half the initial moisture had been removed. This case is more complicated than it appears because some water that evaporated early in the drying process then condensed on colder portions of the core further from the hot air inlets. You can read more about BMW’s use of the core drying model in an article published in Foundry Technology & Management.

BMW core drying validation
A comparison made by BMW between simulation and experiment of the drying of an inorganic core.