Microfluidic Circuits

There have been recent developments in the field of microfluidic circuit devices for use in biological sciences to transport matter from one place to another, or to perform hundreds of assays in parallel. Typically, these circuits are based on a certain logic (like AND, OR, XOR, etc.) or a combination of multiple logics. Hence these circuits are also known as microfluidic logic circuits. Analogous to an electronic circuit, the fluid runs through channels and pneumatic valves, and is driven by pressure differentials (as opposed to the traditional potential/voltage differentials in an electronic circuit). FLOW-3D‘s moving objects model, coupled with the fluid flow, can simulate the motion of the pneumatic valves.

Simulation of a pneumatic latching valve used in microfluidic demultiplexer. The animation starts at stage 3 – the open stage, and finally evolves to stage 7 – the closed stage. Read the Microfluidic Circuit – Pneumatic Latching Valve blog.

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