Overview of FLOW-3D CAST’s Lost Foam Workspace

In this technical webinar, metal casting engineer Ajit D’Brass will provide an overview of FLOW-3D CAST’s lost foam workspace. After reviewing the software’s fundamental modeling capabilities, Ajit will present case studies to showcase the type of analysis and comparisons that can be made between design iterations. Model setup in FLOW-3D CAST‘s graphical user interface is also highlighted to show the simple, step-by-step progression of a successful simulation. Attendees will find it helpful to be familiar with the lost foam method and general sand casting terminology.Who should attend: Foundry/Casting Engineers, Project Managers, Pattern Makers, Sand Foundry Managers and Owners, CAE/Simulation Engineers, Foundry Educational Society, American Foundry Society Members, CAST Expo Registrants, Manufacturing Engineering StudentsApril 25, 2019  |  1:00 PM EDT

About the Presenter

Ajit D'Brass, CFD Engineer, Metal Casting Applications

Ajit D’Brass studied manufacturing engineering with a concentration on metal casting at Texas State University. His current work focuses on how to expedite the design phase of a casting through functional, efficient, user-friendly process simulations. Ajit helps customers use FLOW-3D CAST to create streamlined, sustainable workflows.