FLOW-3D is an industry leader in free-surface flow modeling and is used extensively by civil engineering professionals for the design and analysis of stormwater collection and treatment systems. Highly accurate 3D simulations provide advanced investigations of conveyance through hydraulic control structures, sewers and wet tunnel designs. FLOW-3D is optimized for modeling both free-surface and constrained flow patterns and seamlessly models situations that switch between free-surface, pressurized, sub-critical, and super-critical flow conditions.

Combined sewer overflow

Engineers can seamlessly navigate the transition between flow regimes with advanced analysis of combined sewer overflow structures with complex shifts in hydraulic controls throughout the system. FLOW-3D accurately models energy dissipating structures, including complex, highly turbulent and aerated flow features in addition to the particle tracking model used to evaluate the efficiency of hydrodynamic separator devices.


Aerated flow feature
Aerated flow feature

Applications include:

  • Hydraulic control structures
  • Combined sewer overflows
  • Detention/Retention basins
  • Hydrodynamics separators
  • Filtration systems
  • Pump stations
  • Wet tunnel hydraulics
  • Entrained air flow bulking
Hydrodynamic separator
Hydrodynamic separator