FLOW-3D is used in the water and wastewater industry to design and analyze municipal applications such as:

  • Mixing, settling, and contact tanks
  • Control structures like weirs, gates, ramps, and orifices
  • Combined sewer (CSO) and stormwater sewer (SSO) overflow facilities
  • Pump and lift stations
  • Treatment plant headworks
  • Filtration systems and passive earth and stone filters
  • Baffle and wall placement
  • Hydraulic efficiency and short-circuiting

FLOW-3D is optimized for modeling both free-surface and constrained flow patterns and seamlessly models situations that switch between free-surface, pressurized, sub-critical, and super-critical flow conditions. Additional physics packages are included with FLOW-3D to model the most complex situations, including:

  • Flow bulking due to air entrainment
  • Air bubble escape and air pocket pressurization
  • Drifting and settling particulate matter and the effect on the flow pattern of sediment accumulation
  • Chemical reactions
  • Moving gates and paddles
  • Fast-spinning bladed objects, pumps, and impellers
  • Dissolving and eroding solids
  • Granular flow (slurries)
Vortex simulation - municipal applications with FLOW-3D
Vortex formation simulated with FLOW-3D