Tailings, the leftovers from many mining applications, which can take the form of highly viscous fluids, non-Newtonian flows, slurries or even granular flows, offer notoriously challenging simulation premises. FLOW-3D offers all of the tools necessary to conduct these analyses, including specialized models for non-Newtonian fluids, slurries and granular flow. Combined with FLOW-3D‘s free-surface flow modeling abilities, these offer excellent modeling solutions to these difficult, environmentally sensitive problems.

Closely related are ore stock-pile dust drift under wind forcing analyses, where FLOW-3D‘s drift flux model allows engineers to study ore deposition and entrainment patterns, as well as the effect of remedial solutions.

Mining Simulations

Example of a tailing breach simulation using FLOW-3D‘s granular flow model.

Note how both liquefaction and mechanical jamming are part of the dynamic features of the breach, which eventually stops itself, a very unique property of granular flows, in contrast to water-like Newtonian flows.

Landslide analysis of Tersun Dam. Courtesy of State Hydraulic Works (DSI).