HPDC Workspace Advanced Simulation Options

In this technical webinar, metal casting engineer Ajit D’Brass will provide a review of the advanced simulation options available to engineers and designers in FLOW-3D CAST’s high pressure die casting workspace. After a brief introduction to FLOW-3D CAST’s simulation platform, Ajit will explain the use of event history probes to trigger cooling channels, control shot sleeves, and will detail venting options. P-Q2 control, spray cooling and thermal stress evolution options will also be reviewed.

Who should attend: Foundry/Casting Engineers, Project Managers, Pattern Makers, Sand Foundry Managers and Owners, CAE/Simulation Engineers, Foundry Educational Society, American Foundry Society Members, CAST Expo registrants, Manufacturing Engineering Students

October 10 at 1:00 pm EDT

About the Presenter

Ajit D'Brass, CFD Engineer, Metal Casting Applications

Ajit D’Brass studied manufacturing engineering with a concentration on metal casting at Texas State University. His current work focuses on how to expedite the design phase of a casting through functional, efficient, user-friendly process simulations. Ajit helps customers use FLOW-3D CAST to create streamlined, sustainable workflows.