FLOW-3D Water and Environmental Training Webinars

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In these FLOW-3D water and environmental training webinars, we will be reviewing the setup for various types of applications commonly used in the water and environmental field. These monthly webinars will cover a range of basic and advanced topics that will be of interest to both new and experienced FLOW-3D users. The webinar objectives are to:

  • Discuss relevant and interesting uses of FLOW-3D
  • Review basic steps for setting up and running a variety of problems in FLOW-3D
  • Introduce advanced modeling techniques
  • Evaluate various setup options in FLOW-3D and how they affect simulation results

Watch the webinars series on-demand!

  • Overview of free surface modeling setup
  • Piano key weir discharge analysis
  • Modeling fishway passages
  • Density flows and heat transfer: plumes and stratification
  • Municipal hydraulics: aeration tank modeling
  • Complex culvert hydraulics
  • Air entrainment analysis
  • Chemically reacting tanks

About the Instructor

Brian Fox, CFD Engineer

Brian Fox is a Water and Environmental applications engineer with Flow Science. Brian received an MS in Civil Engineering from Colorado State University with a focus on river hydraulics and sedimentation. He has over 10 years of combined experience working within private, public and academic sectors in water and environmental engineering applications. His experience includes using 1D, 2D and 3D hydraulic models for projects including fish passage, river restoration, bridge scour analysis, sediment transport modeling and analysis of hydraulic structures.