Flow Science Releases FLOW-3D/MP v6

Flow Science has announced the release of FLOW-3D/MP v6, the high-performance computing version of its flagship CFD software, FLOW-3D. FLOW-3D/MP v6 is fully synced with the latest developments in FLOW-3D version 11, including the addition of Flow Science’s state-of-the-art postprocessor, FlowSight™.

Performance improvements, both an increased speed up of simulations and a decreased use of memory, have been achieved using automatic domain decomposition, dynamic thread balancing, improved memory management, optimized MPI communication and hybrid MPI-OpenMP technology. For especially large simulations, a decrease of 20-24% in memory usage and speed-up of 30-40% has been shown in a typical metal casting simulation from the previous version of FLOW-3D/MP.

Flow Science has long recognized the competitive advantage HPC-enabled tools such as FLOW-3D/MP provides to our customers. FLOW-3D/MP gives our users the ability to study more design alternatives in a shorter amount of time than ever before, pushing product performance to new heights, said John Ditter, VP of Engineering.

A new remote solving capability allows MP customers to submit their simulations to a remote cluster using client-server technology. This added functionality will allow customers to easily access all of their available hardware resources and manage their simulations in a straightforward and productive way.

Read more about this release on the FLOW-3D/MP v6 page.

Flow Science has commenced shipment of this new release to FLOW-3D/MP customers under maintenance contracts.