FLOW-3D CAST’s Low Pressure Die Casting Workspace

In this technical webinar, metal casting engineer Ajit D’Brass will review FLOW-3D CAST’s low pressure die casting workspace. After reviewing the software’s fundamental modeling capabilities, an in-depth look at model setup in FLOW-3D CAST‘s graphical user interface will be highlighted. Ajit will showcase the simple step-by-step progression used for a successful simulation, emphasizing the methods available to modelers for a correct characterization of pressures throughout the system.

December 5, 1 pm EST

About the Presenter

Ajit D’Brass studied manufacturing engineering with a concentration on metal casting at Texas State University. His current work focuses on how to expedite the design phase of a casting through functional, efficient, user-friendly process simulations. Ajit helps customers use FLOW-3D CAST to create streamlined, sustainable workflows.