We sponsor H1B visas. We are open to employees working remotely from CO, TX, AZ, OR, IL, MD, NC, SC, FL, or possibly others.

At Flow Science we solve the world’s toughest CFD problems involving free surface flows, turbulence, heat transfer and fluid-structure interaction. We are looking for a creative and motivated individual to join our R&D team to work on our flagship CFD software FLOW-3D.        

Specific Duties and Responsibilities

High Performance Computing

  • Parallelize physical and numerical models for the FLOW-3D solver
  • Identify performance bottlenecks, research, and implement new technologies that improve the efficiency and performance of the solver
  • Assist in resolving solver bugs reported by users
  • Assist in verification and validation of the solution
  • Conceptualize, organize, plan, test and help implement designs for HPC cloud environment
  • Assist existing users with running on the cloud
  • Assist the sales team in getting new users up and running on the cloud
  • Test FLOW-3D products on new HPC cloud platforms

Continuous Integration and V&V

  • Maintain the current CI system and assist in migrating to a newer system
  • Daily monitoring and reporting of testing failures
  • Identify opportunities for automation and implement them
  • Maintain the V&V test suite and help with its expansion
  • Learn and maintain internal productivity and debugging tools

Required Experience and Skills

  • An engineering degree from an ABET or equivalently accredited university and some work experience
    • BS degree (engineering/applied math/computer science) with 3 years of relevant experience, OR
    • MS degree (engineering/applied math/computer science) with relevant experience, OR.
    • PhD degree (engineering/applied math/computer science) with relevant experience is required.
  • Required experience for HPC responsibilities
    • Programming using the Message Passing Interface (MPI) library on large codes.
    • HPC cluster experience (must be comfortable with Linux environment)
    • Shell scripting (bash, perl, python, Windows batch)
    • Debugging tools (gdb, valgrind, ITAC) and performance analysis tools (Intel Vtune Amplifier, Arm MAP, Open|SpeedShop).
    • HPC development for cloud platforms
  • Preferred experience for CI and V&V responsibilities
    • Know-how of CI system
    • Scripting with python
    • Version control systems (SVN/Git)
    • Sphinx documentation
  • Programming experience with modern Fortran/C
  • Excellent communication, technical writing, and interpersonal skills to work seamlessly within and across our diverse, multicultural teams
  • Excellent organizational skills, and a strong desire to learn new things

Desired Experience and Skills

  • OpenMP programming including GPU offload
  • Workload management tools (PBS, Slurm, Oracle Grid Engine)
  • Linux cluster management software (e.g., Rocks)


Flow Science offers an exceptional benefits package to full-time employees including medical, dental, vision insurances, life and disability insurances, 401(k) and profit-sharing plans with generous employer matching, and an incentive compensation plan that offers a year-end bonus opportunity up to 30% of base salary.

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