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Host a FLOW-3D HYDRO Workshop

FLOW-3D HYDRO Local Workshops

If your company is located in the US or Canada and is interested in hosting a FLOW-3D HYDRO workshop, please contact us. Hosts receive three free workshop registrations.

Local Workshops

FLOW-3D HYDRO Local Workshops

This workshop will will introduce you to the fundamentals of 3D CFD simulation and the core capabilities of FLOW-3D HYDRO. This workshop is local and in-person.

FLOW-3D (x) Workshop

In this workshop we will introduce FLOW-3D (x), a powerful connectivity and automation platform, to the FLOW-3D HYDRO modeling community.

USACE Garrison Dam Spillway Workshop

USACE 2022 Workshop

Flow Science is pleased to offer a CFD workshop specifically built around the case study of the publicly available Garrison Dam Spillway and Outlet Works.

FLOW-3D AM Workshops

FLOW-3D AM Workshop

Our FLOW-3D AM workshops provide thorough, hands-on instruction in FLOW-3D AM‘s interface and modeling capabilities, leaving you with a clear understanding of how FLOW-3D AM can benefit your own additive manufacturing and laser welding research.

FLOW-3D Workshops: Microfluidics


Our FLOW-3D workshops deliver focused, hands-on, yet wide-ranging instruction that will leave you with a thorough understanding of how FLOW-3D is used in microfluidics research.

Road Trips and OOP Concepts

Flow science company picnic

“I was broken down midway between New Mexico and New Jersey, waiting for a tow truck, when I received an email from my computer science program at NMSU about the Flow Science software engineering internship…”
In our latest blog post, Danya Alrawi tells us about her experience as an intern with Flow Science’s GUI group.

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