AMUG 2019 Workshop: Gravity & Investment Casting Using FLOW-3D CAST

Attending AMUG 2019? Interested in learning how FLOW-3D CAST helps metal casters improve their design, overcome potential defects, and reduce time to market? Join us for a hands-on workshop, part of the Casting Track at this year’s Additive Manufacturing Users Group Conference, on Wednesday, April 3 from 3:00pm to 5:30pm. 

Partial fill of a cross-bleed valve from an F-5 aircraft engine
Partial fill of a cross-bleed valve from an F-5 aircraft engine

The workshop’s focus will be on improving castability of a cross-bleed engine valve used in an F-5 aircraft. Participants will learn how to import geometry, set meshing and boundary conditions and apply the appropriate physics models in the simulation software. Runner and gating system designs and their effects on air entrapment, surface oxides and other fill related defects will be analyzed. 

The results from the end of the filling process will then be used to setup a solidification simulation to study solidification paths and associated defects such as early solidification, shrinkage porosity and hot spots. Radiation effects of the shell mold in filling and solidification for the investment casting process shall also be considered.

Participants will be able to apply the process knowledge and methodology learnt in the workshop to tackle some of their own simulation problems with a free 1-month FLOW-3D CAST license.

To register for the workshop, please fill out the fields below. You must be registered as an AMUG conference attendee to attend the workshop. There is no additional fee.

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