Watch the FLOW-3D Cast Webinar

This webinar focuses on what is new in FLOW-3D Cast Version 4.0, Flow Science’s latest release for metal casting applications. With an improved graphical user interface, a new post-processing tool and a number of additions to the solver, this version streamlines the user’s workflow and increases simulation efficiency. Some highlights of the GUI are the implementation of the simulation manager which makes organizing simulations much easier, can be customized and lets users modify parameters on the fly. The overall model setup has been arranged to be more intuitive and improve efficiency. A number of meshing improvements, including the addition of solution sub-domains and partially overlapping mesh blocks, allow much more complex meshing arrangements with little extra effort. With respect to the solver, some things we have added include a core gas model (parallelized), a new tab specifically for modifying cooling channel parameters, and fluid-structure interaction and thermal stress evolution models. In this webinar we will briefly discuss all of the new additions to this version and where applicable, demonstrate how to use them.