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Custom CFD Development

Flow Science CFD Services

For those whose modeling needs exceed even the broad capabilities of FLOW-3D, Flow Science offers expert development services. While FLOW-3D is robust and general, there are problems it cannot address in its standard release version. For such cases, Flow Science offers expert development services. Flow Science has an extensive history of contracting to explore new approaches and developing unique solutions. Such customizations can be cost-shared (where the resulting code becomes part of the general release of FLOW-3D), or the rights to the development can remain the exclusive property of the client. Flow Science has well-developed procedures for protection of competition-sensitive data and information.

For those who have the know-how and interest, self-help custom solutions are also possible. Flow Science makes substantial segments of source routines available for users to modify and then recompile their own customized version of FLOW-3D.

For more information and to discuss your specific needs please contact us online or call 505-982-0088.

This simulation depicts crankshaft and piston motion in an engine, which causes violent splashing of oil.